And Then Life Happened

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans”. -Woody Allen

I can relate to that quote because I have been laughed at.

Not a ‘haha, in your face’ kind of laugh, but more of a ‘haha, I told you I had something better planned for you’ type laugh.

We all love to plan our life out down to the smallest detail, then get so wrapped up in all of our planning that we forget two things:

1. To actually live

2. That our creator can undo any part of it at any given time.

Should everyone have a plan for their life? Yes, of course.

I think it’s the flexibility in our planning that stumps most of us.

The minute something doesn’t go as planned, we get the illusion that our whole life is falling apart.

But what if there’s something even better on the other side?

Looking back, the events that I thought were setbacks actually turned out to be SET UPS because they all positioned me to be where I am now.

And that’s living a life that I chose; not one that was chosen for me.

So nonetheless, I am grateful for it all and see exactly why certain things happened the way that they did.

This serves as a friendly reminder that when life happens, our plans won’t always turn out as planned– AND THAT’S OKAY.

Because sometimes on our way to a dream, we get lost and find a better one. ✨

Jenny B.

Owner & Creator of Sugar Spice & Shea LLC.


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