Today marks the day for the final new moon of the year, and my goodness have I learned some meaningful lessons this year.

From recognizing when it’s time to let go, to learning to live in the present moment and embrace change, whether good or bad, as life reveals itself.

The universe does this thing where if you don’t learn a lesson the first time around, it will have it in rotation and continue to bring it back around until we finally grasp the lesson.

The more it comes around, the more meaningful the lesson will be because by then, we will have matured and able to comprehend the morality of the lesson better.

But the beautiful thing about this is, the lesson is always a blessing in disguise that serves as some sort of prerequisite to our next stage in life.

An advancement to a new level that old habits & thought patterns are no longer welcomed.

Many times in life, we let events get the best of us not realizing that they happen to help us filter out people, things, and situations in our life.

You can’t expect to level up with the same stagnant energy.

Nah, those things served their purpose.

Let go of the constant need to control and allow life to flow.

Flowing not forcing is the motto.

Flowing as in no resistance, no fear, no doubt.

There are things that we have control over in life, then there those things that are beyond our control.

We create resistance the minute we try to control those uncontrollable things.

Only the unwise fall into that trap.

Instead, simply trust, take heed, and be thankful that the universe cares enough in making sure that we finally GET IT.

God makes no mistakes… find the beauty in all of your lessons.

Jenny B.

Owner & Creator of Sugar Spice & Shea LLC.


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