Do More Of What You Fear Most

There’s nothing to fear but fear itself. -Franklin D. Roosevelt

We all have our fears.

Some stem from childhood traumas, and others stem from personal experiences that occurred in adulthood.

But wherever it’s from, they may seem justifiable because of such events, but in reality there is absolutely nothing to fear but fear itself.

Rather, fear is simply an illusion created by our own insecurities. 

Some of us even spend most of our lives trying to “get rid” of fear, as if it’s physically a real thing.

I know it’s human nature to look at simple solutions as being ineffective, but I’ll go ahead and say this anyway: The only real way to get rid of the illusion of any fear that you have is to do exactly what it is you fear the most.

That’s it.

When you think about it, anything in life that we do more of, we will eventually become more familiar with.

Before launching my website, I remember having anxiety about sharing it with the world because it was something new for me, and made me feel a little too vulnerable; especially being the private person that I am.

But when I thought of all the lives that I could make an impact on by simply sharing my truth and passion for skincare, I talked myself out of every ounce of fear that tried to come my way.

Eventually, I was posting content daily and sharing my work more comfortably.

The more I put myself out there, the less fear I felt.

During that same time, there was a meme circulating the internet that had a quote on it that read, “You’re busy doubting yourself, while so many people are intimated by your potential”. And reading that sparked me up even more.

We’re all born with so many innate gifts and talents, but don’t have the courage to carry them out because of fear of judgment, criticism, etc. When in actuality, you inspire people that act like they don’t even see you!

And honestly, does the opinion of people who have absolutely no say so in your life really matter? It doesn’t!

When you can come to terms with this; paired with the strong desire to share your message with the world, you will have all the fuel you need to help you dissolve your fears.

Think about a current fear you have that is holding you back from doing something that you really want to do.

Commit to doing more of whatever that is despite your fears, and watch that fear go away!

I would love to hear back from you when you do. 😉

Jenny B.

Owner & Creator of Sugar Spice & Shea LLC.


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  1. Natasha Fortune
    December 6, 2019 / 11:07 pm

    Where have I been? This blog post was exactly Wht I need. Fear is a mf liar forreal! Your brand is everything.. u go queen.

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