There’s no better feeling than being in alignment with one’s self.

It gives you the ability to differentiate your thoughts from that of others, to know when to let go of things that no longer serve you, and enough wisdom to live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.

You also learn to appreciate both the good and the bad, recognizing that the “bad” is either setting you up for something better, or there to get your attention on something that you need to acknowledge.

How do you know if you’re aligned?

Well for one, you’ll feel at peace with yourself and everything around you.

Even when things happen that might cause you to “shift”, you don’t let it get to you nor allow it to keep you misaligned.

Secondly, making decisions becomes easier.

Since being in alignment allows you to be in touch with your inner guidance, following your intuition becomes second nature for you and eventually, you stop second guessing yourself because you always “just know”.

Well, how do you become aligned?

You go within by spending alone time with yourself to explore YOU.

Light some sage to clear out any unwanted energies, then sit quietly and pay attention to anything that comes up.

Remember to be honest with yourself, and don’t judge any thoughts or emotions that arise.

Okay, and then what?

Recall the thoughts that triggered any type of emotional responses—those are often the areas that need to be confronted.

And once you do take that step in confronting these areas, the universe will recognize your efforts and reveal to you exactly what needs to be done.

If it’s relationships you need to let go of, don’t be surprised if you no longer feel the need to keep in touch with certain people.

If it’s more self-care you need to start practicing, then you’ll be presented with opportunities to start honoring yourself more.

If it’s your voice you need to find, you might find a little bit more courage to start speaking your truth like you’ve been wanting to.

Basically anything that doesn’t serve you, will need to be dealt with.

This whole process will obviously take more than just a sitting to do but if you’re consistent and patient enough, you’ll soon start to see results as you learn to go within and honor your truth.

A whole new way of living and being will also open up for you, and you’ll simply be more in tune with life.

Happy aligning!

Jenny B.

Owner & Creator of Sugar Spice & Shea LLC.


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