My name is Jenny and I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach. As well as a seafood & astrology lover 🌚
This platform was created out of my love for holistic health and skincare 🌻
In simple terms, Holistic (WHOLE-listic) is looking at and treating something as a whole, and not just parts of it. Holistic Health is engaging in lifestyle practices that support the mind, body, and spirit in order to keep all the systems of our body in balance.
One of these systems is the integumentary system, and it consist of the body’s largest organ, the skin!
When our skin starts acting up, the first thing we like to do is slather on a bunch of products hoping one will work. But when you approach skin issues from a holistic standpoint, the goal will be to see what is going on internally.
Is it that time of the month? Have you been eating more sweets, not exercising, or under any kind of stress? These are questions that can help get to the root cause(s) of skin imbalances.
Once you are able to address your specific issues, you can now invest in skincare products that will help to support your new, healthy lifestyle and skincare routine. And that’s where I come in!
My goal is to deliver simple & effective products that are made using only non-toxic ingredients that range from plant oils, clays, herbs, and superfoods like turmeric & spirulina!
I invite you on this journey with me as I spread awareness on the beauty of holistic living.
Here’s to giving our mind, body, spirit, AND SKIN the care that it deserves… Here’s to a better you!
Xoxo, Jenny Bee 🐝 
“Healing is marathon, not a race”.

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